Sacramento Rockers Sages Are Back With ‘Close Your Eyes’

By Liam Menzies (@blinkclyro)

Hot off the back of re-releasing their Sleepwalker LP, Californian five-piece Sages haven’t let the creative juices fizzle with the reveal of new single Close Your Eyes. The band, best known for their ambiguous lyricism and visceral narrative, continue their staples traits on the newly released track: channeling a lot of influences (Deftones and Tesseract to name but a few), Sages manage to mix the new with the familiar enough to stop them from walking into a trodden path. According to Dino Vidovich of the band, the track has multiple interpretations:

In one context, it’s about a man who is broken over losing a loved one, and he wants to reconnect with her in his dreams, but she keeps telling him not to fall asleep, because she’s going to haunt him. It’s an interesting situation. However, It’s also symbolic of being spiritually guided to stay “awake” and not succumb to the illusions of desires and attachments.

Announcing a bunch of new tour dates alongside this track, Sages are beginning to kick their career into top gear thanks to some extensive coverage from the likes of Alternative Press and

Tour Dates: 

May 27 @ Country Club Saloon – Loomis, CA
June 7 @ Powerhouse Pub – Folsom, CA
June 24 @ Blue Lamp – Sacramento, CA
August 4 @ Goldfield Trading Post – Sacramento, CA w/ Black Map
August 19  @ Starlite Lounge – Sacramento, CA





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