The Reel Filthy Movie News Roundup (13th April – 26th April)

words fae harry sambrook (@DriedCthulu)

Another week, another steaming handful of pop culture detritus. This week I’ll attempt to run through all the important stuff and why it will have a lasting impact in all of our lives forever. Remember to recite my opinions as your own so you can attempt to fill that empty void left by your meaningless relationships and lack of a personality (talking to you, Bobby).

Venom Trailer

Just as I had finished crafting this masterpiece of a report, Sony pictures decided to drop the Venom movie trailer, making me have to scrap my ramblings about the Deadpool trailer. Anyyyyyyyyway this trailer seems to show a lot more of the story elements of this film as well as a much awaited look at what Venom will look like. It’s still unclear about how much it will tie to the existing Marvel Cinematic Universe (my guess is, not at all) but it seems to be doing something interesting with itself despite Sony’s repeated attempts to beat this dead horse full of flies and used needles that is the expanded Spiderman universe.

One thing I have to say is that I cannot and will not believe that Tom Hardy is a news reporter. He looks like the doorman at my local dodgy nightclub, where they check you at the door for contraband. I mean, there’s a scene where he’s cornered in his flat by three or four generic looking disposable villains, and he looks like he could take them all out without the help of super powered space-liquorice. The terrifying presence of Tom Hardy aside, he is a good get and has a strange habit of making the most average of films actually good (e.g. Legend, 2015) and the venom voice and suit looking great and quite horrifying. This has actually made me excited for the film, despite the involvement of Sony.

James Cameron vs. Avengers

James Cameron recently had an interview with Indiewire in which he talked at length about his of the Avengers films and superhero films as well as his own upcoming Avatar sequels. His main point is that the avengers movies are just testosterone fuelled nonsense and that “there are other stories to tell”. Despite the fact that this is the man behind the Terminator films, which in my opinion are also testosterone fuelled nonsense, I can’t help but agree with him. Disney, our all-powerful overlords that govern our every film experience tend to take over the box office for periods of months and prevent other films from gaining any traction. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy these films as much as the next skrub but the current slate for the next few months includes Avengers: Infinity War, Solo: A Who Gives A Crap Story, The Incredibles 2, and Ant-Man & The Wasp. In my local cinema, independent films have only small chance of making any headlines when Avengers is showing 43 times a day for 2 months. Cameron then continues to talk about how his Avatar Sequels will follow a similar trend as the Godfather. Now a lot of people have taken that to mean he thinks they will be as good as the Godfather or it’s sequels but I think he just meant he wanted to emulate the generational aspect of these films in his sequels more than actually comparing them to some of the most highly regarded films of all time.

Fast and the Furious Netflix series

So this is unexpected. From the people that brought you Vin Diesel and his weird egg-shaped head and scowl combination that we know so well is teaming up with the studio that brought us such famed animated hits as Boss Baby: Back in Business and All Hail King Julian, comes a new Fast and the Furious animated TV show. And it’s coming to Netflix. This will be a short one as I care very little for the Fast and the Furious. In fact, I watched the 7th one on a plane in 2015 and had no idea what was happening I turned it off and watched Gone Girl instead. I can only imagine it’s the same as the last XXX film and that was balls and nonsense. Anyway, I’m sure this’ll be exciting for anyone who inexplicably likes this series.

Hot Summer Nights Trailer

Lastly we have a new trailer for the film Hot Summer Nights, starring Timothée Chalamet and Maika Monroe, release from A24. A24 is a smaller studio who has released an incredibly wide range of films, to varying degrees of success. Films I love such as Locke, Ex Machina, Room, Green Room, It Comes at Night, and The Lobster, as well as other films that I don’t like, such as Tusk and The Florida Project. Either way it can be said that they take risks and I am looking forward to seeing this latest release. Written and Directed by Elijah Bynum, it follows a coming of age story of a boy on holiday in Cape Cod. Although it seems like this is Bynum’s first film, I for one am looking forward to seeing what they’ll make out of this seemingly average story. I am definitely hoping for the weirdest shit possible. However, knowing the cinemas where I live, it’ll probably be a pushed out for a Star Wars anthology movie about the backstory of Princess Leia’s buns.

Well that’s it for this week for the news everyone. It was a joyous ride of ups and downs. Of stupid things being said and attempts at being funny. Thanks for reading. It should be said that these are the views of Sam from the Reel Filthy Podcast. The opinions don’t reflect Mac or anyone at Transistor. SO come at me Disney. Aye, that’ll do.

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The Reel Filthy Movie News Roundup (29th March-12th April 2018)

It came! It finally came! It’s Reel Filthy but finally transcribed for the intellectual in written form. A moment of literary importance that rivals Nietzsche’s ‘Beyond Good and Evil’. Anyhow, here are some things from the past week or so that peaked my interest and will make your pop culture obsessed pals think you’re cool by reciting.


       I almost forgot this film was happening, what with the lack of marketing until the last month or so, with the film releasing as soon as the end of May. Strange for something as massive as a Star Wars film. Was this down to the apparently sizeable behind the scenes drama that happened over its production with directors being fired? Who knows, but it’s safe to assume that’s had a part in it. The first trailer arrived and had me skeptical with the lack of Solo himself, almost as if the studio weren’t confident in Aldenreich taking on the coveted role. I wasn’t massively impressed, but left intrigued. This time around however, hell with it, count me in.

This new trailer didn’t make the hairs on my arms stand or blow me away by any means, but I am left very curious about this Star Wars spinoff. Yes there’s the whole generic, “I’m putting together a crew” thing going on, but I just want to see the origins of things like Han’s trousers and chin scar. I don’t really care anymore, they’re going to pump at least one of these out every year for the foreseeable future so may as well see what expensive romp they have in store for us. See the new trailer for yourself below.

Leia in 'The Last Jedi'WAIT. *, SURPRISE RANDOM STORY SWOOPS IN* More Star Wars you say? The Last Jedi VFX Supervisor, Ben Morris has revealed that Lucasfilm are keeping ‘digital clones’ of every actor appearing in their films. This is in the same vein as Tarkin’s appearance in Rogue One, when a dead Peter Cushing was dragged back from the grave to feed Disney’s wallets to the tears of his family. I’ll admit though, whilst it was noticeable that Tarkin wasn’t real, the CG used was still admittedly impressive and will only get better. So there you go, hopefully, this doesn’t mean CG Leia in Episode XI next December, but only time will tell. Scary stuff.


         Another year, another reboot. This time we have Terminator which already kinda rebooted but was a sequel in 2015 with Terminator Genysis. After being not as successful as was expected, it seems they’ve opted to re-reboot, this time with James Cameron involved in a Producing role. Tim Miller, director of Deadpool is set to direct, with an again returning Schwarzenegger alongside Linda Hamilton, reprising her role as Sarah Connor. Originally set for a July ’19 release, the film is now expected to stroll in on a zimmer frame in Nov ’19. Hopefully, with Cameron involved, this can turn out more like the original two, with the film to apparently ignore Terminator 3, as well as also start a trilogy, but the latter hasn’t been green lit as of yet. Good call perhaps? Learning their lessons? Maybe no post-credits this time with Dr Who?



       Also in things you love but didn’t necessarily think you wanted more of, the rights to Lord of the Rings were recently purchased by Amazon for an estimated $250 million dollars after a bidding war with Netflix. This was back at the end of 2017, but now some more spicy tidbits are starting to come out, including that they plan to make five seasons of a Lord of the Rings TV series, a series that is being ballparked as costing around $1billion. As of yet, Peter Jackson who directed the spectacular Lord of the Rings trilogy and the spectacularly forgettable Hobbit trilogy is said to not be involved at this moment in time. Whether this changes or not is yet to be seen. My hope is they simply use the universe available to them make a new story, rather than retread and remake the already great films. Also what if the first series comes out and it’s rank? That’s a damn expensive risk. Essentially this could either be amazing or a sad, disappointing waste of time, but time will tell.



UH OHHHH, sack your capeshit and Disney nonsense for a second folks, it’s time for Indie… stuff. I haven’t thought of a name for this segment. Ah well. Director of Children of Men, Alfonso Cuaron’s new film ‘Roma’, which follows a middle class family in Mexico City in the 70’s centering around the Corpus Christi massacre in which students were killed by Mexican soldiers, has been picked up by Netflix. As a result, however, it’s appearance at the highly coveted Cannes Film Festival next week is now uncertain.

This is due to the recent disputes ongoing in the industry, which puts into question whether streaming content should be considered for awards due to not being screened in cinemas. Personally, whilst I appreciate the experience of watching a film on a big screen, as every Marvel film says, “the world, is changing”. Perhaps these festivals should move with the times too, as the filmmaking process is still intact end of the day, it’s simply where people sit and watch them. As sad as it is to say, even I can acknowledge the kinoplexes like Cineworld are going to disappear eventually. As long as all that’s left are arthouse cinemas for kinophiles like myself to have the option, I’ll be happy.

So ehhh yeh, that’ll do for this one. From here on out, every fortnight we’ll be bringing news in between our own bi-weekly show ‘News and Reviewsss’, right here to Except minus the reviews, cause who has time for actually watching films am I right? Long as you can rhyme off the trivia, and that’s just what we’re here for. Catch you next time ya filthy animals!

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New Alt J material may be on the way

by liam menzies (@blnkclyr)

After their third LP Relaxer dropped last year, in addition to a curve-ball collaboration with metal act Code Orange, you’d expect English indie rock outfit Alt-J to take a bit of a breather during 2018 when they aren’t already extensively touring. This may not be the case though as fans of the Leeds act are convinced new material is on the way after recent information was revealed via a Facebook event.

Alt J - New LP
Source: Reddit

As you can see, the wording here implies that a new record will be on its way very soon. Whether that’ll be a collection of b-sides or a completely new LP is yet to be seen though a tweet from the band last night would imply that it’s more likely to be the latter.

Relaxer dropped in 2017 and was welcome with mixed reviews (as well as a positive one from ourselves). The band are set to play their final EU date tonight in Lithuania and will return to the UK on the 20th to play The Garage in London.


LISTEN: Jamie XX shares remix of “On Hold”

By Liam Menzies (@blnkclyr)

The XX have been on a roll this year, dropping their third album I See You to critical acclaim as well as following it up with an extensive tour. Most of this positive feedback came from the greater role Jamie XX’s production was allowed to play, his trademark expertise in sampling shining through. Releasing a remix of the LP’s first single On Hold on Annie Mac’s show earlier today, Jamie showed he hasn’t lost his knack.


Track Review: Beck – Dear Life

By Kieran Cannon (@kiercannon)

Regular listeners will have learned by now to expect the unexpected when Beck announces new music. The Los Angeles multi-instrumentalist has roots in folk and blues but over the years has served up a bewildering array of styles, incorporating everything from lo-fi to country to hip hop in his extensive back catalogue. His latest offering, Dear Life, arrives hot off the heels of a long-awaited announcement confirming the release date of Colors, his first full-length LP since 2014. Due to be released October 13th on Capitol Records, this record signals yet another departure from the laid-back folk rock of Morning Phase towards a more pop driven style, influenced in no small measure by Prince and LSD-era Beatles. Check out the music video below, featuring a bizarre montage of psychedelic-drenched clips narrated by lyrics.

The fourth single to be released from the upcoming album, Dear Life follows the precedent set by the others and ushers in a new era of poppy, upbeat Beck – with a twist. While the rest of the album is set to be packed with euphoric summer anthems, such as the uptempo scratchy-guitar driven Dreams, this latest single hides an existential cry for help behind funky piano melodies and layers of psychedelia. If the rest of the album is outburst of happiness, an expression of contentment with his marriage then this particular number serves as a counterbalance. “Dear life, I’m holding on / How long must I wait / Before the thrill is gone” the chorus rings out, a cynical rebuke to the relentless optimism displayed so far: surely it is only a matter of time until the roof caves in around him?

Until recently, Beck was seemingly no wiser to the planned release date of Colors than anyone else; however, he has developed a coherent vision about what lines the new material will tread – “it’s not retro and not modern“. Despite this and the undoubtedly catchy piano/drum combination, it seems to lack the cutting edge of tracks from comparable albums such as Midnite Vultures. Most of his output merits repeated listening to uncover moments of sharp wit, clever turns of phrase or passages sung with tongue planted firmly in cheek but the renowned wordsmith appears to be going down the route of straightforward, face value pop with his most recent offering. Whether he can effectively pull this off throughout the course of the whole album remains to be seen.





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New Wolf Alice Track Dropping Tomorrow

By Liam Menzies (@blnkclyr

If you’ve been eagerly anticipating a new track from Wolf Alice then your prayers have been answered!

Having already teased fans with the rage-fuelled Yuk Foo, the indie rock outfit are set to appear on Beats 1 tomorrow (July 5th) at 5.30pm to show off a new track. Titled Don’t Delete The Kisses, the song is set to appear on the band’s anticipated sophomore record Visions Of A Life which drops September 29th.

In addition to some new songs, Wolf Alice have also announced a world tour, including a UK leg that begins in November. Dates for the gigs are below:

08 Bristol, O2 Academy
09 Manchester, O2 Apollo
11 Glasgow, Barrowlands
13 Newcastle, 02 Academy
15 Nottingham, Rock City
16 Birmingham, O2 Academy
17 Norwich, UEA
18 Leeds, O2 Academy
20 Brighton, Dome
21 Southampton, O2 Guildhall
24 London, Alexandra Palace
27 Belfast, Ulster Hall
28 Dublin, Olympia