Heads Up: The Life Of Pablo Is Coming To A Streaming Service Near You!

Just two days after his first single from his seventh LP became available on Spotify and Apple Music, Kanye West is expected to break his promise by steaming it on platforms other than Tidal.

The Life of Pablo, released on Valentine’s Day this year, was stated to be exclusive to TIDAL with Kanye taking to Twitter to in another one of his recurring rants.

On top of releasing the album on Spotify and Apple Music, the controversial rapper will be tweaking TLOP yet again with a huge set of changes expected to come. There’s been some reworking such as Kanye doing over certain lyrics as well as significantly altering tracks like Feedback which will have “a beat overhaul and be significantly shorter.

While some have called this laziness and others creative genius (you can read my thoughts on it here), the updates have no doubt lead to the recent reveal of the album being streamed 25,000,000 times . Pitchfork reported yesterday, download codes were sent out to those who purchased tickets to watch West’s Madison Square Garden album premiere.

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