5 Stages Of Post Gig Grief: A FIDLAR Review

If you somehow managed to avoid my social media last night/this morning then you’ll have fortunately missed my spam of the gig I went to last night. The gig in question, FIDLAR at Glasgow’s Garage, was something extra ordinary. In fact, it made me feel something that I’ve not felt since the Biffy Barrowlands gig I went to last December: Post Gig Grief. If you’ve ever been to see your favourite band live then you’ll have experienced it and I thought that I would describe it to you all in a totally mature and professional manner: a list a la buzzfeed showing the five stages!!! (Wait, that’s not mature)

Stage 1 – Denial

denialSo you wake up the morning after the gig, no doubt covered in beer, sweat and god knows what else from the night before. You’ll feel the second hand pain of all the gig goers you saw during Cheap Beer who couldn’t help but embrace the adrenaline fuelled anthem and crowd surfed. No doubt they’ll be feeling ten times the pain you are from that blurry night full of rum and coke but regardless,you still feel fantastic. In fact, you briefly forget where the band are from, failing to realise that they will probably not return for another 2-3 years. Seeing them at a festival? One look at your bank account and you know yourself that it’ll take a miracle for those funds to appear.

                                                                           Stage 2 – Angerwraprage_2647672b

So now you’ve realised all of this. Now you’re raging. “Why do they never tour as often”, “WHY THE FUCK DID THEY NOT PLAY PUNKS OR SOBER“, “WHY DID YOU NOT DO AN ENCORE”, you just start to question everything that ends up in you becoming a little bruised ball of rage and emotion. It’s not uncommon to see others at this stage angrily tweeting the bands with these complaints, using exclamation marks and typing like their cap locks button is broken
Stage 3 – Bargaining 

Instead of using it to deal with your anger, you return to Twitter in the hopes that you can negotiate with the artist you’ve just seen. It starts off with the simple plead of attention, hoping they’ll look at your tweet or even reply! Then it gets to the begging stage, the one you see all the time with folk trying to exchange interactions for rewards like “if this tweet gets 30,000 retweets you need to come perform back in Scotland” or some other ridiculous offer.You might get to an even more desperate stage where you bargain for yourself. “If I complete all this work, I can afford to pay £300+ to see the band in a different country”. All this builds up to….

Stage 4 – Depression

All that anger has died away now. All there is now is pity for yourself, not being able to come to terms with the fact that you’ll have to wait forever to see your favourite act. What follows is an endless cycle of listening to their entire discography on an endless loop which only makes you feel even more down, or worse, sick of the band or singer themselves. You’ll see the band acting as if the gig never happened, if you’re lucky they’ll talk once about the gig you were at before talking about the next. Even though this is what is meant to happen and makes complete sense, you take it so personally that you feel rock bottom. Thankfully, this all leads to…

                       Stage 5 – Acceptance

This stage can occur weeks after the gig itself, it can happen the same day you’ve been through the previous four phases but what’s clear is that you’ll come to this realisation. The realisation that if your band toured all the time you’d probably grow sick of getting to see them all the time. The realisation that it would be selfish for them to play Glasgow all the time and that there are fans just like you desperate to see them. The realisation that the artist need their to get the tour out the way with and get to work on the next album which will make you as happy as the first time you listened to them. Then they’ll announce another tour and you’ll get tickets in a heartbeat. What’s next?

It happens all over again.

Big love, Liam

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