The Best Gigs of 2017

List season is underway and we’re kicking things off with our favourite shows of the year.

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Frank Turner @ Barrowlands Review – 13/11/2015

Barrowlands. Undoubtedly¬†the greatest venue in Scotland, arguably the world,it’s hosted so many acts, ranging from The Smiths to the Foo Fighters, that just adjacent to the venue is a pathway listing all the bands who have came to Glasgow to¬†play here. It’s a career defining venue with many home grown acts like Biffy Clyro playing…

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5 Stages Of Post Gig Grief: A FIDLAR Review

If you somehow managed to avoid my social media last night/this morning then you’ll have fortunately missed my spam of the gig I went to last night. The gig in question, FIDLAR at Glasgow’s Garage, was something extra ordinary. In fact, it made me feel something that I’ve not felt since the Biffy Barrowlands gig…

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