Fresh future ahead for Foals?

12 seconds.

That’s all it took for for Foals teaser trailer, simply titled 2015, to set Twitter’s music community on fire. Although fans knew there was an album in the making, this was the first glimpse of album number 4 and I’m not kidding when I say glimpse. Out of the 12 seconds, the majority is complete silence bar 3 seconds of sound. This of course isn’t enough to completely judge the style the Oxford band are going for but it is enough to give us some sort of idea about what we should expect until we get a proper single or, as some fans are praying for, a surprise album release.


In an interview with the love them or hate them magazine NME, frontman and beard goals for many guys Yannis Philippakis was very forward with his excitement about the new material. The band have never been one to shy away from loud anthematic tunes, see songs like Inhaler to back this up, and their upcoming album will not be any different. “This new stuff’s going to decimate venues; we’re itching to play it,” he said. “It’s going to be fun to get back on stage and obliterate places.” Going back to the teaser trailer, the band are playing in a rundown warehouse whilst an apocalyptic-esque synth plays in the background. Call this over analysing or just fan speculation but this, on top of the milliseconds of screaming we get from Yannis, could be a sign of their return to the synth heavy sounds of their early work, specifically debut album Antidotes, as well as revamping the sound on latest album Holy Fire with tinges of punk and grunge.

Not only is the sound set to change but so too are the lyrics. “On [2013’s ‘Holy Fire’] I tried to consciously push the lyrics somewhere personal that was more like real life, whereas on this one I just wanted to strip the layers of myself away, have the reptilian part of my brain speak directly and not analyse or censor it,” he said. This censorship being removed will most likely result in some psychotic sounding lyrics, nothing that’s too unusual for the band but it’s usually kept to a minimum, making way for slower and atmospheric tunes like Spanish Sahara and Milk & Black Spiders.

Regardless of what direction the band are going, it’s clear that whatever is happening in the background is going to be exciting and might just result in one of the best albums of the year.

If you’re part of a band or are an individual artist then don’t hesitate to contact me below so I can check out your music etc. ☺

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