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  • Looking Back At… Antidotes by Foals

    Looking Back At… Antidotes by Foals

    Ewan Blacklaw takes a glance back at Foals’ seminal debut album Antidotes and the impact it had on the British indie scene

  • Top Corner! Five Fantastic FIFA Tracks

    Top Corner! Five Fantastic FIFA Tracks

    The most consistent aspect of a FIFA game is what you hear in the menus: Callum Thornhill gives us his top picks from over 20 years of digital football goodness.

  • Thoughts On: Coachella 2016

    Thoughts On: Coachella 2016

    There’s an ongoing joke about the cleanliness at Coachella: compared to the rugged, filthy conditions that music lovers at UK festivals thrive in, the California located event is the aftermath of a cillit bang advert. This, in addition to the near soulless crowds, results in people brushing off Coachella as nothing but an overhyped fashion […]

  • Best of 2015

    Best of 2015

    2015 has been one of the most eventful years in recent history. A year just as full of tragedy  as it was brimming with joyous occasions that put a smile on our faces. An annual event since 2013 when I made my first compilation of best albums, here’s another Best Of from us here at […]

  • Top 25 Albums Of 2015

    Top 25 Albums Of 2015

    It’s time. List season. It’s odd how something with such a boring name could cause heated debate amongst many, though that’s nothing new for the internet. So as I’ve always done since 2013, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite albums of the past 12 months, ranging from heavy rock to pop to grime to […]

  • Foals- What Went Down review

    Foals- What Went Down review

    “Their heaviest, loudest album yet.” Apple music’s simple description of Oxford rockers Foals’ fourth album may be short but as soon as the eponymously titled intro track What Went Down kicks off with a barrage of godzilla sized synths and riffs then you know those five words perfectly capture the sound this album dwells in. Not […]

  • Foals – Mountain At My Gates track review

    Foals – Mountain At My Gates track review

    Best of July #6 Last month I asked a simple question: do Oxford rockers Foals have a fresh future ahead of them? At the time they had just teased us all with a 12 second trailer consisting of mainly silence with some looming synths and  thankfully since then things have become a lot clearer. Not […]

  • Fresh future ahead for Foals?

    Fresh future ahead for Foals?

    12 seconds. That’s all it took for for Foals teaser trailer, simply titled 2015, to set Twitter’s music community on fire. Although fans knew there was an album in the making, this was the first glimpse of album number 4 and I’m not kidding when I say glimpse. Out of the 12 seconds, the majority […]