Foals – Mountain At My Gates track review

Best of July #6

Last month I asked a simple question: do Oxford rockers Foals have a fresh future ahead of them? At the time they had just teased us all with a 12 second trailer consisting of mainly silence with some looming synths and  thankfully since then things have become a lot clearer. Not only did we get a new Foals single What Went Down but we also got given a release date for their fourth album which shares the same name as their single. On the 28th of August we’ll have our question answered.

In the meantime however, how does the band’s latest single Mountain At My Gates hold up? After the absolute carnage and appealing mess of sound that What Went Down delivered, you’d probably be surprised by how much their new single differs though at this stage it would be stupid to pigeonhole the band. This is the band who went from math rock to soothing indie rock in the space of their first two albums. A band that, no matter what sound they mess about with, consistently deliver the goods and are yet to stumble in terms of quality.

If What Went Down was the Inhaler of their upcoming album then Mountain At My Gates is the Milk And Black Spiders. Front-man Yannis Phillipakis’ soothing voice transcends through angelic poppy harps and pounding drums whilst showcasing the uncensored lyrical approach Phillipakis is taking on album number 4. “Mountain At My Gates was from me getting more interested in seeing what would come out lyrically where there wasn’t a pre-conceived idea.” The songs’ finale is just as interesting with a breakdown of guitars and cathartic noise while Phillipakis somehow keeps his cool. A lovely end to a beautifully crafted track.

Acting on instinct has provided the band with one of their most dreamy and enchanting tracks to date, something that is obviously tame in comparison to their previous track but still leaves an impact. There’s no doubt in my mind that next year you’ll see Foals headlining Glastonbury or Reading + Leeds. God knows they’ve earned it.

Listen to it here!

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