Bullet For My Valentine serve up a cold fish with new track Piece of Me

By Oliver Butler (@notoliverbutler)

Back to continue raising the hype for their new album Gravity after the release of Over It, Welsh wizards Bullet For My Valentine are back with another new track, Piece Of Me, and er, oooh, it’s not very good, is it? The best definition this song could be given is “means well, but also trips over its own shoelaces”. There’s nothing inherently bad about this song, it just sucks a little bit.

The riff at the start is okay… it sort of sounds like Passenger by Deftones, but just doesn’t have that same epic, all encompassing feel to it. It feels a bit out of place, like someone was just jamming on an octave and now you’ve ended up with Piece of Me. Okay, Bullet are changing their blueprint and after some twenty years together, not every track is gonna be a Tears Don’t Fall, but this track stinks. It’s hard to put your finger on where the bad smell is coming from, but from first bar to fade out, this track does little to capture your imagination.

Lyrically, the theme is as you expect, full of angst, likely at a controlling antagonist who frontman Matt Tuck won’t let them keep another piece of him. But even then, it doesn’t feel that complex or well written. Just feels like they booted up a few old MySpace accounts to find a poem from a 13-year-old emo, then strap the bits together to write some lyrics. It’s just a bit fucking boring. Who knows, maybe one of your angsty bulletins were used to write a modern metal song? Fuck the Cambridge Analytica scandal; you could be owed THOUSANDS in missold songwriting royalties!

Hopefully that Piece Of Me is the worst track on Gravity, rather than giving a larger indication of what the quality and theme will be, with Gravity allowing Bullet to radically shift their sound whilst remaining true to their roots, rather than fucking their existing base off and being dead in the water with their prospective new fans. Bullet should be given the benefit of the doubt, as the laws of averages kick in and stinkers become a bit more likely, but this cut should have been left on the studio floor.

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Oliver Butler

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