Bullet whet the hard rock appetite with new single Over It

In the nicest way possible, Bullet For My Valentine are a gateway band. Many of you will fondly remember clutching a copy of The Poison as you loitered about HMV on a carefree Saturday afternoon. They were always so sunny, weren’t they? Screaming on behalf of your teenage angst, the Welsh metalcore wizards have had a long & successful career, selling over five million records and are preparing to release their sixth studio album, Gravity in June, with their new single Over It giving us a taste of what Bullet may sound like in our brave new world.

It feels like a step away from Bullet’s ‘traditional’ sound, but remains firmly within their musical blueprint. However, a slight shift in the tide is to be expected, as frontman Matt Tuck said there’s “a lot different” about this new record, in the way they approached it, and the symphonic feel to 2017’s Don’t Need You also nodded towards the change in direction. However, Over It is a heavy hitting hard rock toe tapper, with the main riff retaining Bullet’s classic bees-in-a-blender tone. It’s definitely enough to whet your appetite, and whilst some may want to chunter about “more of the same”, it’s good to see bands also sticking to a solid blueprint and building on their foundations.

There’s nothing overly dramatic or radically different about this track, but the appeal of both this, and Don’t Need You will surely make Gravity a must-listen when it hits shelves (is “hitting the shelves” still a thing?) in June. Fans of Bullet will of course be excited to hear it, but a more accessible sound may open them up to wider audiences. Not a bad way to celebrate your 20th year as a band.

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