NEWS: Hail Haim! Band Set To Release New Music

Sister act Haim have teased fans on social media with the promise of showing off new music from their upcoming LP.

Just like all music news nowadays, Twitter has been the source of this story. Haim shared a video on the social media site where one of the sisters states that they have”just been in the studio for so long—like, perfecting and trying to get it right”.

Not only did they tease new music but also a tour, no doubt to promote it. In the same video, the band say “at this point, we just wanna go out there and play the songs live”, meaning those lucky enough to be going to Reading + Leeds may very well be in for a treat when Haim play on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

It’s been nearly three years since the act graced the rock scene with Days Are Gone, a pop infused release that went down well with fans and critics alike, resulting in the band gracing festival lineups everywhere.

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