ALBUM REVIEW: Kid North – New Waters

French pop trio deliver an album dripping with synth pop greatness 

In most album reviews, the first couple of paragraphs are spent describing the act, their influences etc. before displaying even a hint of the writer’s opinion on the music in question. Fuck that though because what we have here is an album that exceeded all of my expectations and one that is sure to be on loop for days to come.

Where to begin? Kid North’s New Waters is the culmination of an act driven by their retrospective influences that they wear on their sleeves, most notably their love for all things electro and melancholy. This is all on display here beautifully, each track managing to stand out from the rest regardless of their similar traits.

The eponymously titled track New Waters features a catchy, trendy guitar hook that wouldn’t go astray on a release by Don Bronco which would be sufficient on its own but when paired up with some echoey vocals and an unfiltered groovy sound, it’s a perfect example of the masterful pop craftiness of Kid North.

What we have here is an album that exceeded all of my expectations and one that is sure to be on loop for days to come.

Anyone who listened to Porches latest LP and liked what they heard but wished it was a little more upbeat will be more than happy here. While it’s your typical bread and butter array of instruments on offer here, what Kid North manage to do here considering how long they’ve been about is impressive to say the least. Tracks like Geometrical is pin point music magnificence, full of twangy, poppy synths alongside a funky, rhythmic guitar hook. While bands like CHVRCHES who revived the genre just a few years ago have decided to take a darker route sound and lyrics wise, Kid north act as a sunshine radiating substitute and a very welcome one at that.

The few complaints I have with New Waters comes from a few tracks such as Future Ghosts and Hours standing out as a bit mediocre, being very safe and by the numbers which isn’t a sin considering the variety on show here. It’s always nice to be pleasantly surprised by an album, especially one that wasn’t on your radar to begin with. If you’re looking for some easy to digest, crazily catchy music with a synth heavy sound then you couldn’t do much better than this.


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