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    So Chvrches have released a new song, cool right? Right. The new track, Warning Call, is being released as the theme for the video game sequel ‘Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst’. Now, I’ve never played the original Mirrors Edge but- a lot of people have. It’s an incredibly well known and well loved game as well as being a […]

  • TRACK REVIEW: Pema – Something Less

    TRACK REVIEW: Pema – Something Less

    Further contributing to the tapestry she started weaving over on My Intentions Are Good, pop up and comer Pema has become more musically ambitious on an non-aptly named track Something Less. A collaboration with LAZ3NBY, another moniker using artist who happens to be Matt Hines of Eastern Sea fame, Pema has managed to diversify her sound even further, […]

  • ALBUM REVIEW: Kid North – New Waters

    ALBUM REVIEW: Kid North – New Waters

    French pop trio deliver an album dripping with synth pop greatness  In most album reviews, the first couple of paragraphs are spent describing the act, their influences etc. before displaying even a hint of the writer’s opinion on the music in question. Fuck that though because what we have here is an album that exceeded […]

  • Crystal Castles – Deicide track review

    Crystal Castles – Deicide track review

    Best of July #5 Just like a building made out of such a fragile material, Crystal Castles stood strong together for years. Whereas other synth-pop acts like CHVRCHES had a more cheerful take on the genre, this Canadian duo turned the genre on its head by infecting it with apocalyptic tales of despair and sadness. […]