Crystal Castles – Deicide track review

Best of July #5

Just like a building made out of such a fragile material, Crystal Castles stood strong together for years. Whereas other synth-pop acts like CHVRCHES had a more cheerful take on the genre, this Canadian duo turned the genre on its head by infecting it with apocalyptic tales of despair and sadness. Sadly this might have had something to do with what happened behind closed doors as singer Alice Glass left in late 2014 for personal reasons, recently putting blame on Kath for manipulation.

Whether or not these claims are true is yet to be seen and I wouldn’t want to criticise a track on allegations alone. As sad as I was whenever I heard Glass had left the duo, I knew deep down that what made Crystal Castles what they are was their sound, crafted by the wickedly talented Ethan Kath.

Thankfully the disputes between Kath and his former band mate hasn’t affected his sound. In fact new track Deicide might be one of the best tracks that Kath has ever came out with. The band’s earlier stuff was known for it’s rave influences and these can be felt from the get go. The haunting sounds that come about on this track shouldn’t feel so easy to dance to yet you can’t help but nod your head along and tap your feet.

As lovely as Alice Glass was as a singer, I can’t say I’m outraged that Kath has replaced her with a mysterious female singer. Whoever they might be, they manage to capture that distant, soft spoken delivery Glass had perfected over three albums. The sound and singing both blend into what can only be described as an “absolute tune”.

This latest track isn’t a huge departure from what we’ve heard before but this is an only a glimpse of what is yet to come. Crystal Castles managed to shake it up majorly on III, I have more than enough faith that Kath can do so on his inevitable new album.

Listen to the track here!

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