Track review: Savages – Adore

Savages are not a conventional “girl band” in the way that the likes of Little Mix are. In fact, the use of that term seems obsolete as the London-based act pack tracks with such brutish force that they put most other bands in the genre to shame, helping to destroy this stereotype of female groups being capable of tracks only about men and relationships.

Whilst their debut album Silence Yourself showcased this expertly, it also showed that Savages aren’t just feisty, snarling women who love to sing about polygamy: they can also bash out a well made slow burner (see Waiting For A Sign to hear the evidence for yourself).Their recently released track Adore, off their upcoming album Adore Life that is set to release later this month, is further proof of this.

Jehnny Beth’s vocals are no doubt the standout feature of this track with a conquering, all powerful delivery accompanied by a somewhat eery and omnipresent guitar. While this builds up to a finale that arguably fizzles more than it bangs, the song’s contemplative lyrics about life and the problems that come along with it manage to save it from being anything less than great.


A second album is often the most difficult for a band and whilst many have tried and failed to win over fans, either by totally changing their sound or just dishing out the same album with a bit more polish, it’s clear that Savages aren’t afraid to experiment with this new found minimalism.

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