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  • Mystery Jets – Curve Of The Earth ALBUM REVIEW

    Mystery Jets – Curve Of The Earth ALBUM REVIEW

    Staples of indie rock Mystery Jets return with a new psychedelic heavy sound but is it any good? FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/blinkclyro?lang=e… LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/blinkclyro/?…

  • Bloc Party – Hymns ALBUM REVIEW

    Bloc Party – Hymns ALBUM REVIEW

    Hymns has Bloc Party with new members, new influences and a new sound. Real question: is it any good?

  • Track review: Savages – Adore

    Track review: Savages – Adore

    Savages are not a conventional “girl band” in the way that the likes of Little Mix are. In fact, the use of that term seems obsolete as the London-based act pack tracks with such brutish force that they put most other bands in the genre to shame, helping to destroy this stereotype of female groups […]

  • The Libertines – Gunga Din track review

    The Libertines – Gunga Din track review

    Best Of July #3 I’ll probably be shot by a legion of indie maniacs for this but I’m not a fan of The Libertines. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not a terrible band, far from it, they’ve crafted some of the best song of, arguably, this century. However, when I was growing up and even […]

  • The Horrors – Luminous review

    If I were to point out one aspect that The Horrors seem to excel at, it would have to be reinvention. When their debut Strange House emerged onto the scene, the Gothic sound of it that reeked of Robert Smith’s aura was laughed off by many music fans at the time however these same people […]