The Libertines – Gunga Din track review

Best Of July #3

I’ll probably be shot by a legion of indie maniacs for this but I’m not a fan of The Libertines. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not a terrible band, far from it, they’ve crafted some of the best song of, arguably, this century. However, when I was growing up and even now, it’s difficult to believe that The Libertines would be as prolific as they are without the media antics of front-man Pete Doherty who battled drug addiction time and time again.

After a brief stint at a rehab clinic in Thailand, Doherty is now fresh and clean and ready to jump back in with his fellow Libertine band mates to continue their legacy. It seems fitting that the first verse of comeback single Gunga Din sounds like a mess, a sloppy array of chords with an ever more sloppy singing Doherty feeling “sick and tired of feeling sick and tired again.”

As soon as the chorus starts though it’s a different story as Gunga Din shows exactly why The Libertines are loved by thousands. It shows that they’ve not lost that magic touch they had back in the early 2000’s, crafting a track that can fend for its own alongside their greatest hits.

I might be a bit harsh describing the first verse as sloppy, after all The Libertines have always been praised for really not giving a fuck. In a way it’s admirable that even when the music seems like a mess, it can still charm you in ways you thought unimaginable. Whether or not the rest of their upcoming album Anthems For Doomed Youth will be able to handle the hype it’ll no doubt gather but things are looking good. Who knows, it might even convert me into a fan.

Listen to the track here!

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