Bring Me The Horizon start a cult with Mantra

Words fae Oliver Butler (@notoliverbutler)

Without a shadow of a doubt, Bring Me The Horizon are slowly mooching their way towards the top table of music stars, glass of wine in hand, tie loosened, shirt unbuttoned, and with their new song, Mantra, they’re aiming to flip it over when they get there.

New Bring Me was always going to be an enigma, would they stick to the poppier sounds of That’s The Spirit, or would they walk a little bit further back to Sempiternal, or would they just straight up throw the baby out with the bathwater and release Tell Slater Not To Wash His Dick (Redux)? However, with Mantra, it’s hard to put your finger on the pulse, but the pulse is strong.

Mantra starts with the best of intentions; thundering drums, rattling bass that shakes your head about, and a bit of synth before the whole band show up and give you some Sheffield steel with a towering riff. It’s hard to say whether this is classic Bring Me, or another evolution of their sound, but whatever these riffs and this thunder is, it’s good. Interesting though, it feels like a song of two eras, with the verses having more of a That’s The Spirit, “poppy” feel to them, but a bit more beefier.

Again, it’s really hard to put your finger on just what this track sounds like, but whatever it is, it sounds good, and it sounds exciting. However, with a classic Oli Sykes scream midway through the song, it probably shares a bit of its DNA with a vintage Horizon.

It’s aggressive, uncompromising and yet again another step forward in their sound. With the marketing campaign for Mantra compromising of dialling a telephone number to hear snippets of the song, it’s quite clear what mantra Bring Me are chanting with their new song: Dial R for Riffs.

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