Matt Scott brings happy times and sunny air with All Out Of Sorts

Words fae Oliver Butler (@notoliverbutler)

It has been summer for exactly 1,000 years now. Taps have been aff for an eternity. However, whilst we might be on the cusp of a drought and a hosepipe ban, there’ll be no droughts on jaunty summer bangers, as Matt Scott proves with his new track, All Out Of Sorts, bringing nice, airy vibes with slight hints of a barbecue and upmarket fruity cider.

In the honest to god nicest way possible, this track feels like the sort of up tempo theme song to a wholesome sitcom. The sort of song that’s just… nice? The kind of song that comes round to your house, has a chat with your mum to see how she’s doing and trades a few jokes with your dad whilst walking up the stairs. All Out Of Sorts is a nice young song, your mum says, why can’t you be more like All Out Of Sorts?

The whole way through, there’s a nice, bouncy feel to the track, it takes its time and doesn’t really require much of your energy to enjoy it. This’d be a good track to stick on a playlist at a barbecue or outdoor summer event, and you can feel hugely smug as you trot this unearthed gem about. It’s just such a happy song, even one of the lyrics are “It’s good to be alive”. In such downtrodden times, it’s good to have a song so positive in our lives to be honest. The whole way through it feels like a singalong, something that everyone can enjoy.

Though happy as it may be, upbeat in its stride as it may bounce, the real highlight on this song is the harmonica solo. Any song with a harmonica solo is automatically brilliant, and All Out Of Sorts is no exception to this rule. In fact, for fans of the harmonica, or just general mouth organs (stop snickering in the back), his 2017 release Whoever That Is… also contains harmonica and happy vibes.

Truthfully, there’s little bits of Dylan in Scott’s delivery. Now, before you say “But he can’t possibly be like Dylan”, yeah, of course not, he’s Matt Scott, dumbass, but there’s absolutely that kind of vibe in his music, and it’s absolutely brilliant. Fingers crossed that Matt Scott keeps bringing the happy vibes, harmonica solos and upbeat tempos for many years to come.

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