TRANSISTOR Fresh Picks: July 2018

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Ooooh, we LOVE new music here at TRANSISTOR. Nothing beats the feeling of discovering some new favourites and watching them on their journey, growing as you watch on like a proud parent. And in association with Syncr, we’re lucky enough to bring you some of the brightest new bands in the world. So, let’s get down to business, shall we?

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Run Into The Night

Oh, now THESE are a treat. Hailing from Glasgow, Run Into The Night is an indie/noise rock duo, formed by Christina Cassette and Ellie May. There’s a very bluesy feel to their sound, and whisper it quietly, there are shades of Black Keys in their sound.

The track that was put forward to us this month was The Devil’s Rhythm, but any of the three tracks they have out are corkers. The Devil’s Rhythm has a nice, chilled intro, with the reverberated vocals giving it a really nice feel. However, the real fun starts towards the end of the song, breaking into a dirty, fuzzy riff. A lot of noise for a duo, but the power of two is all you need.

Definitely for those who like a nice, bluesy approach with occasional flashes of overdriven grit, Run Into The Night are pretty exciting, and ones to watch in the future.

Honey Gentry

With a melancholic approach, Honey Gentry is really easy to listen to. The slow, semi-acoustic nature of the songs with the ethereal vocals is beautiful, and Honey Gentry’s voice is like… well… honey.

The feature song is Heaven, California, which has a beautiful, yet tragic feel to it, something which courses through the veins of the recently released Honeydew EP. There’s a real heartbreaking feel to these songs, but therein lies the magic.

If you like lying back, shutting your eyes and sinking into a record, Honey Gentry is absolutely for you. Or if you enjoy ethereal, slowly strummed songs that put your heart in a blender. Definitely for fans of Lana Del Rey.

Bryony Dunn

Melodic and mystical, Bryony Dunn is a singer-songwriter with a modern pop edge, but with classic undertones that you might find on a Fleetwood Mac record. Bryony only has two songs out, Golden Girl and Full Bloom, but both are equally wonderful and inviting.

Bryony’s music has a similar sort of feel to Lorde, if you want a “big” name to draw comparisons to, but remains unique in her own right. Really, even if you enjoy dabbling in the occasional pop banger, or enjoy the heaviest of metals, Bryony has an accessible sound that anyone can enjoy.

Felix Shepherd

Hailing from Birmingham, Felix Shepherd has a mellow sound with a slight indie edge and a dreamy garnish on top. This is the sort of music you can listen to on a slightly rainy Sunday morning as it gently taps on your window. Roll over, flip over to the cool side of the pillow, stick on Felix Shepherd.

There’s a slight cinematic feel to Felix’s sound. The sort where you can see yourself stood on a meadow with a cliff just down the way, as the wind rushes through your hair, something that’s deep in the blueprint of the Always Been EP.

Felix has an accessible sound that everyone would enjoy. Even your mum, she’d LOVE Felix. You’d get in from work, and ask you if you’d heard of Felix Shepherd because she’d heard him on Radio 2. Well, now you can.

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