Deaf Balloons stay afloat with debut EP Dreaming of Somebody Else

By Oliver Butler (@notoliverbutler)

Slade! Babylon Zoo! Beverly Knight! Steve Bull! Wolverhampton has a rich history of producing musical maestros, and if we’re reporting factually, the best city in the world, ay it? With that in mind, the next band looking to add their name to Wolverhampton’s rich tapestry (and even richer if you extend that to the wider West Midlands area) are Deaf Balloons, a four piece from er, Wolverhampton, and they’re here with their debut EP, Dreaming of Somebody Else.

The first thing that grabs you about this EP is the overall sound; it has a rough, dirty feel but as if it’s been recorded straight from the live stage. As you can imagine, a band starting out may not have the luxury of studio time, but the band here have made the most of what they’ve got to produce an EP from their lockup that’s got a gritty edge without losing sound quality. The cover’s quite nice as well, Elizabeth Taylor’s face

Next To Me is a nice, chipper track. Feels like it’d soundtrack a segue in an episode of The Inbetweeners. Frontman Ed Scott has a nice, smooth voice as well, rolls across the instrumental section like a gentle breeze across a meadow. Indie’s a pretty over saturated genre at the moment and can quite easily send you to sleep, but this EP manages to cut through the noise to keep you occupied. Gone is a pretty good track as well, the bassline at the start and middle of the song is nice and dark.

It’s promising buds shooting through the dirt on Dreaming of Somebody Else; it’s a nice, fun, chirpy EP that promises more from Deaf Balloons.

Listen to and purchase Dreaming of Somebody Else here


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