Miles Kane keeps it on ice with loaded

By Oliver Butler (@notoliverbutler)

Well, it’s about bloody time, Miles Kane. Five long years after the release of the hit ‘n’ miss Don’t Forget Who You Are, Scouse sonic sorcerer Miles is back to remind you who he… are… with his brand new track, Loaded. In support of his new album, Coup de Grace, something that’s apparently been four years in the works, but obviously put on hold for The Last Shadow Puppets, it’s a pretty welcome return to the solo stage for dear Miles.

Loaded is a pretty melancholy track, inspired by a breakup, and the writing process helped along by Jamie T and Lana Del Rey. Kane, on this track and indeed across his discography has a knack for a really smooth, enjoyable vocal delivery and it suits the relaxed, chilled nature of the song. However, as part of his interview for Annie Mac on Radio 1 today, he’s hinted that Coup de Grace will be a bit more “punky” and “upbeat”, with some Ramones influences in it. Big statement, but if executed correctly, could be a real coup de grace for Miles.

This track doesn’t feel that special, if you were expecting some kind of epic, triumphant track to herald his return to his solo work. However, there’s a real chilled out vibe to Miles’ work in general; inoffensive indie rock tunes that slot into any playlist. Loaded exactly matches that category, but it’s chilled, smooth and enjoyable. Think a nice cocktail on a hot-but-not-too-hot summer’s day; that’s this track.

That being said, the notion of switching up the gears and offering some raughty punk bangers is enough to get even the most parched of mouths salivating.

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