Yoker Moon provides a meaty, meticulous ambient mix with Perpetuity

words fae liam menziesĀ (@blnkclyr)

Ambient electro is always a hard one to pull off: the genre by its very nature isn’t trying to catch your attention, choosing to instead immerse you in a meticulous mix of synths, original keys and other beeps and boops. However, having Harry Mawby (previously known from the HUSH name, now Machina) at the helm of a label titled Slate Records, catering exclusively to this area, means it’ll probably go down without a hitch and Yoker Moon‘s inclusion here leaves no doubts about the quality they can churn out with their current roster.

Having released material prior, it shouldn’t be any surprise that Perpetuity is expertly crafted: there’s a real seamlessness to this track and, as opposed to other new ambient artists, there’s clear evolution without there being identifiable chapters. There’s some sampling chucked in around the midway point which is where everything seems to really captivate you, continuing this golden run with its various other arrangements before reaching an organic finale. It’ll be interesting to see how he can push himself on a meatier release but until then, we’re left with no questions about the quality he can provide in just over four minutes of music.