Rival Bones bring the thunder with new single Scars

By Oliver Butler (@notoliverbutler)

Threesomes are complicated; there’s a power dynamic going on between all three players, and there’s a need for all involved to get their fair share of action so the harmony continues. Twosomes, however, there are just the two of you, working in perfect harmony, plenty of power, passion and performance. Liverpool two piece Rival Bones clearly agree with this statement and have put it into practice, as their new single Scars delivers heavy riffs, stomping drums and power surging lyrics… and that it’s all over in a fluster after three minutes.

In their own words, Rival Bones play in the same vein as Queens of the Stone Age Audioslave, and the latter is clearly evident through the rough, raw power in James Whitehouse’s vocals as he tears through “Come and save me and I will save you, won’t you save me, and I will save you” in the chorus. It has the heavy, dark matter delivery of Chris Cornell without overstretching his abilities. Much like many of the two pieces that are in vogue today, it’s incredible how much power can be delivered from two people, but the riffs in Scars are as meaty as anything, with the bluesy vibes in the verse adding a real foot-tapping vibe to the song.

Scars, as with their self titled EP last year, which featured the blistering Want You Madly, Rival Bones have a simple philosophy; get together, imagine the apocalypse as a series of riffs, shout angrily, pass it through the mixing desk and produce aural honey.

Fans of big riffs won’t want to miss Rival Bones out, especially if they continue down the same path off big riffs, bombastic drums and fiery vocals. Fingers crossed that Scars is just the first tasty treat of many in 2018.

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