Producer Bruce Rintoul gives an insight into the music industry

By Gregor Farquharson (@grgratlntc)

Bruce Rintoul is a Glasgow based music producer, working in 45 A-Side Studios in the Bridgeton area of the city. Having been in the business now for well over 10 years, both as a musician and a producer, he has some great experience in what the industry is actually like. From watching bands he first worked with grow into rock superstars and even kick starting new bands careers, Bruce has seen it all within the industry.

While playing in bands himself, now established music producer Rintoul needed a quick and cost effective way to demo his work. It was from that point he decided that this was what he wanted to do.

“I just really enjoyed it and everything you could do with the audio and on the computer and ways of manipulating it. My interest just grew and grew.”

Experienced within his field, there are definite high points of being a producer.

“The best thing about the job is the team of people working towards that one common goal. Don’t get me wrong, not everyone agrees all the time, but to know what everyone is working towards is a really rewarding thing.”

Yet, it doesn’t stop there for Rintoul, as the highs well continue after the final product, whether that be an album or a single, is released.

“Getting to listen to that final product and getting to read reviews and see the sales figures, that is a really satisfying feeling.”

Rintoul noted that the album he did for Glasgow based band Vukovi was a particular highlight for him. Not only due to the fun had in the studio, but what that record did for the band.

“After we finished the (Vukovi) album, everything seemed to go pretty crazy for them. They were booked on the Kerrang! Tour and right now are on tour supporting PVRIS. From what they have been telling me the reception they’ve been getting has been incredible.”

Having been based in Glasgow for so long, he has seen many bands come and go and perhaps not quite make it. However, Rintoul worked extensively with Glasgow rock band Twin Atlantic in their early days, helping them get started and eventually turn into the huge band they are today.

“They were one of the earliest bands that I worked with starting out, and now they’re a pretty big deal. It is just really satisfying seeing that and going off to see their shows. They just played three nights at the Barrowlands in Glasgow and I was there each night. Seeing all those people there to support the guys in Twin and being so passionate about their music was just, well amazing.”

It’s not only Glasgow that Rintoul has worked in. Having been in this profession for so long, he has been to other studios across the UK. Some with extraordinary history.

“I went down to Rockfield Studios in Wales for a couple of weeks. It is where Bohemian Rhapsody was recorded and other huge bands like Coldplay, Oasis and Rush have all recorded in there.”

Although Rintoul has been working in the city for so long, the idea of a move to somewhere new has always been something that has crossed his mind.

“I often think it would be a bit easier moving to London but the thought of being self employed there with the rent prices scares me. I would say that either London, Glasgow and Manchester are the three places to be for music.”

Despite thinking about a move, Rintoul recognises the talent and hard-working nature of bands in Glasgow and why this city is such an important place for music.

“It is a slight disadvantage being based in Glasgow, since you are so far away from the music industry in London. That just means bands and musicians simply need to shout louder to be heard, and I’d say Glasgow bands are pretty good at that.”

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