Black Peaks keep it heavy with new track Can’t Sleep

People just love to tell you that “guitar music is dead” and that there’s “no real rock any more”. Well, for Brighton prog enthusiasts Black Peaks, they seem to have missed the memo, as their latest singe Can’t Sleep is a fantastic little number, and the first single from their second album.

The heavy riff, which, as you know, we love a riff here, mixed with the slow chorus feels very much like a classic Deftones song, keeping it soft before launching a thermonuclear riff assault. It’s a very heavy and angsty song, no surprise considering that vocalist Will Gardener wrote this in response to a difficult time for the band and himself personally. He also says that a lot of these lyrics are directed at “some extremely xenophobic and racist comments and actions” that have been aired in the media.

Can’t Sleep’s theme also deals with anxiety, paranoia, and of course, insomnia, “all stemming from being swept along with a decision you do not agree with”, according to Will. Pretty heavy stuff, and the song’s feel and lyrical theme communicates that perfectly. It’s a very enjoyable song, and hopefully, 2018 will be a very enjoyable year for Black Peaks, based off the quality of this song.

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