Chatting About The Best Film Soundtracks With Reel Filthy!

words by gary mclellan (@theweeman_gaz)

In the words of General Kenobi: Hello there! You’re probably sitting there wondering, who’s this mad patter vacuum? Well, wonder no longer, for some I go by the title of ‘Le croquet Monsieur de la mer’, or you can just call me Mac. My good self and my loyal and hungry co-host, Sam, are a pair of loveable dolts who decided we were sick of eating cans of cold baked beans and wanted to chase that mad ad revenue. So I dropped out of a safe law degree to chase my film dream – bit thick right – and called up my good buddy to start a film and TV podcast, on which we cover all things P O P C U L T U R E, capeshit and kino alike, but with our own sense of charming cynicism, and a massive superiority complex.

So give it a bash, click the link, try something new, and take a chance. You might like it, you might loathe it, but you’ll never know unless you try eh? Oh, and on a side note, from now on you can look forward to some movie news right here on, from us, the dynamic douchebags. Stay tuned.

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Editor of . Wine, meme and vinyl connoisseur who hums Born Slippy far too often. Veggie wank🌱

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