Dorothy keep it chilled with new track Ain’t Our Time to Die

By Oliver Butler (@notoliverbutler)

Dorothy are quite possibly one of the best bands you’ve never heard of. Signed to Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation, the band, fronted by Dorothy Martin have amassed millions of Spotify plays, and are poised to release their second studio effort, 28 Days in the Valley on 16th March.

However, for the moment, Dorothy are keeping the hype train moving with their latest single, Ain’t Our Time To Die. Much like the other singles, Flawless and Who Do You Love, Ain’t Our Time to Die has a chilled, bluesy feel to it, and in the words of Dorothy herself, 28 Days in the Valley will have “more feminine energy… It has a lighter and brighter feel, with less metal influence and more Stones. It has a cool desert vibe.”

Ain’t Our Time to Die really brings out the best in Dorothy’s vocals, with her powerful, classical voice driving the song forward, sitting beautifully on top of the band, much like a fresh coating of snow across rolling hills. However, much unlike the snow that’s hit us over the last few days, you simply can’t get enough of Ain’t Our Time to Die.

28 Days in the Valley feels like it’ll be a departure from debut album ROCKISDEAD, taking the hard rock, Sabbath-esque riffs and replacing them with yes, more Stones. With that move, it feels like Dorothy will be able to expand their appeal beyond their already burgeoning fanbase, and drop one of the hottest albums of 2018.

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