Black Foxxes get hard and heavy with new track JOY

By Oliver Butler (@notoliverbutler)

It goes without saying, as it has been said countless times before, but anyway; West Country trio Black Foxxes are one of the UK’s hottest musical prospects, combining a number of styles to forge a unique style. So it’s no surprise that their latest track, JOY is a thoroughly enjoyable track.

With a grungey feel, the song begins with some classic screaming feedback before bursting into a rockin’ and rollin’ riff, nice and strong, overdriven to the point of the tyres bursting.  The lyrics are delivered with venom, especially the chorus, which is just Mark Holley screaming “Come call me erasable” over and over again. Lyrically, Black Foxxes are a very talented band, but there’s something about that chorus that slaps and stings with every repetition.

Not to take away from Sæla and Manic In Me, because they’re very good tracks, but JOY has come along and blown them out the water. The transition from an angsty grunge banger into something a bit more prog-like at the end with the feedback loops, echos & manic trumpet is fantastic. It’s all about that riff though, everyone loves a good riff, and JOY’s riff just has that little bit of magic, especially with the angry chorus laid on top with it. It’s because it’s raw, simple and brutal. No fiddly bits, just a good, driven riff.

Three tracks into Reiði and all three have offered that special something in varying forms. However, third time’s a charm as JOY is the biggest indicator yet that Reiði is without a shadow of a doubt, one of the contenders for album of the year.

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