Cortnë wander into wonderland with new track ‘Not Alice’


By Michaela Barton (@MichaelaBarton_)

Cortnë are a fresh-faced Glasgow based band that formed just one year ago. Their new single, Not Alice, displays qualities similar to artists like La Sera, Gabriella Aplin or Vivian Girls, especially in the vocals.

The title – Not Alice – bluntly eludes to Alice in Wonderland, and the lyrics continue this theme. The track is about feeling lost and wishing to return to “a place where I understand”. The lyrics also seem to suggest a longing to reunite with a certain person – “all I want is for you to want me” – with their memory having never quite faded – “when you’re not there, I see shadows in your place”. The inspiring tale of Alice in Wonderland is referred to continuously throughout the lyrics, with the bridge describing a feeling of “falling, falling, falling, going out of my mind”, which is a direct link to Alice falling down the rabbit hole and entering the madness of Wonderland.

The instrumentals are relaxed indie in mood. The two different styles of electric guitars mix well together, with the lingering chords of one drifting on top of the others basic strum creating a tranquil, dreamy feeling. All in all, however, there’s nothing ground-breaking about the music – it’s your standard laid-back indie tune. It’s perfectly nice to listen to but probably not something that would instantly grab a listener’s attention if flicking through Spotify.

The band lists Florence and the Machine and Haim as some of their inspirations but so far, the technicality of the instrumentals doesn’t quite reach the standard or creativity of these artists. Having said that, Not Alice is an early track release from a very new band and it’s rare for an artist’s sound to be fully realised and developed so early on.

If you’re searching for some inoffensive, easy listening then Cortnë are worth checking out. Hopefully, their style will blossom with time.

Cortnë are set to play Broadcast and The Old Hairdressers on February 16th and March 4th respectively.

Published by

Michaela Barton

(she/they) is a Welsh/Scottish freelancer who loves the horror genre and still thinks they'd make a great Final Girl despite their inability to run for more than a minute. Can be found wearing horribly patterned dad shirts while raving about drag queens.

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