Black Foxxes share serene new track ‘Manic In Me’

by oliver butler (@notoliverbutler)

One of the hottest properties in British music right now are Black Foxxes, and with the release of their second album, Reiði just over a month away, everyone is looking forward to seeing how they follow up their scintillating debut album, I’m Not Well.

Well, if their new single, Manic In Me is anything to go by, Reiði will likely be one of the best albums you plug into your ear holes this year. A melancholy, yet dancy track, Manic In Me is, according to lead guitarist and singer Mark Holley, a song about balancing inner rage with calm. Fitting, seeing as Reiði is Icelandic for ‘rage’. The video for this song was also shot in Iceland. The country, not the supermarket. Though the thought of seeing the boys rock out in the frozen pizza aisle would definitely make the weekly shop more exciting.

This is a brilliant little song, and the balance in the song really fits the lyrics, going from the calmness in the verse “you are the weather” to the hard and heavy chorus “I am the manic in me”.  The other single previewing this album, Sæla, is just as exciting and well thought through as Manic In Me. 2018 feels like it should be the year Black Foxxes really start to rise to the top of the UK music scene because truthfully, there should be no reason why not.

Manic In Me really does balance serenity and range with effortlessness, with the serene verse and heavy chorus seamlessly fitting together. It’s an incredibly catchy song as well, getting your foot tapping along to it on the first listen, something that every good song should do to you.

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