Gig Review: The Vegan Leather & SWAY @ The Bungalow

by Dominic V. Cassidy (@lyre_of_apollo)

As part of Independent Venue Week, Paisley venue The Bungalow’s stage was graced by the electric disco rockers The Vegan Leather, supported by SWAY, and put on a cracking late-night gig at the wee musical abode.

Before we get into it, I’d like to mention that SWAY, who I must say I haven’t seen before, totally knocked it out the park. They were really putting it out with a kinda rocky punky sound, I totally got crazy Germs vibes, with sick guitars and fucking amazing drums; To Be A Man being the standout track.

The headliner of the night however, the ever fantastic The Vegan Leather, came bounding onto the stage and were greeted by sheer joy from the crowd. Not one to fluff things out, the band jumped into the music right away, pumping electricity into the crowd. The band kept this tempo up throughout the night, wacking out banger after banger, aside from a brief wee break to hunt down a capo. As for in between songs, the band showed a real chillness with the crowd – they really knew their fans. The obvious friendship in the band itself also helped to put the crowd really at ease.

After hitting out with dance hall bangers like The Knife, Man Dies, and the very, very good ShakeIt, the band really turned it down a notch with Rosie Goes – a super slow track, that was honestly just quite a bit emotionally destructive, but bloody beautiful at the same time. Thank god the quartet played Bottom of the Ocean, which is easily the most disco track from the band, and reinvigorated the morale up in the room. It is a track that is just sheer boogie inducing pleasure, near infectious in the way that bouncy happiness sweeps through the crowd.

The band then had the mandatory, “Thank you guys, we’ve been XXX, goodnight” walk off and came back on for a couple of tracks, and boy oh boy were they good; hitting out with Days Go By and This House, fan favourites. It was now that the audiences appreciation for the band really shone, there was a great deal of jostling and two (TWO) people on shoulders – it was a really gnarly vibe. When the show finally ended, it was with a bang and certainly not a whimper; it was really sad. It was the kinda gig that coulda, and probably should’ve gone on all night.

While the band have yet to release an album, they have released a couple of singles and a few songs have shown up online. For the meantime, the best way to get yer fix of TheVeganLeather, is live and on stage – and for a band with very little material behind them, they play fairly often. If you’re looking for a boogie, a wee da shuffle or just a good night out, find out whereabouts the bands playing next and get yer arse along.

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