Album Review: What You Know Now by Marmozets

by oliver butler (@notoliverbutler)rating 8

Dry January is over friends, so it’s the perfect time to get started on something that’s fizzy, potent and will leave you on the floor. Let’s keep it on brand though, so the potent brew you’ll be indulging on is the brand new Marmozets album, What You Know Now.

Bursting onto the scene in 2014 with their debut, The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets, it was clear there was something special about the wild Yorkshire punks. It had the catchiness of a pop record, but the ludicrosity and erraticness of a hard rock album. So, no pressure for the second album, right?

What You Know Now is just as spicy, just as catchy, and well worth the four year gap. It’s been a long wait, but seeing as front-woman extraordinaire Becca Macintrye severely injured her knee a while back, maybe a bit of a lie-down was a good shout. Back with a spring in their step, Marmozets haven’t lost a smidge of energy, with pop-punky album opener Play landing in seismic fashion, with the lyric “Don’t quit on me, don’t quit on me tonight” cracking like thunder.

This isn’t a hard record to get on with; it feels like a broken-in pair of jeans or your favourite armchair. It’s straight to the point, with no messing around. Hesitancy is not the order of the day, with wild extremes like the haunting, ballad-y Insomnia, the stomping bass of Like a Battery and heavy handedness of Habits throwing a mixed deck, but come together to play a winning hand for Yorkshire’s favourite punks. Like a Battery also gives a wink to the future with the line “The kids on the street will run the country“.

Marmozets are a band that aren’t afraid of the catchy pop hook. A hard-hitting punk band might feel they’re way above radio-ready choruses, but Marmozets really feel like a band that don’t give a fuck what you think about them, or their creative process. Maybe this record could be a bit heavier, yeah, absolutely! But maybe it could also be a bit poppier; this record is what it is, and it’s fought off the sluggish second album syndrome and come out immune.

Becca Macintyre will also become one of the most recognisable vocalists in British rock. Whilst she was no slouch on The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets, she’s taken her game to the next level on What You Know Now, with her yelps, screams & growls bursting like angsty thunder, filling the sky with noise.

Major System Error is easily one of the stand out tracks of this album; it’s a snarling, balls-to-the-wall that’s overloaded with big riffs, with Meant to Be also throwing a few bruisers your way. However, the way this band stretches and contorts its musical identity means that you’ll also enjoy Me and You, not a riffer at all, but a melt-in-the-middle pop ballad. What is this madness, and how can we get more of it?

Whilst What You Know Now strays from the beaten, genre based path at multiple occasions, Marmozets are a band that are focused & on task; they want to be one of the biggest & brightest bands in the United Kingdom, and with their sophomore album, they’re a huge step towards that goal.

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