Gig Review: Stone Sour @ Hydro, Glasgow

By Sanjeev Mann (@ask_sanjeevs)

It was another visit from metal royalty last night, as Glasgow’s Hydro were treated to a visit from Corey Taylor’s Stone Sour. The tour is in its closing stages and came after the release of the band’s latest album Hydrograd which released this year.

The evening was kicked off with The Pretty Reckless who gave a ‘pretty’ good performance and a solid 30 minutes (apologies for the dreadful pun). They played their biggest hits like Heaven Knows and Make Me Wanna Die as well as others, and lead singer Taylor Momsen really showed off those powerful vocals of hers. Overall, it was one of the better warm-up acts I’ve seen. Nothing beats Korn when they supported Slipknot though!

It hit 9 and Stone Sour were yet to be seen with backstage people still frantically running about. Being ultra critical, the delay was slightly annoying and this was one of the few things I could of faulted from the night. The only other thing was the relatively small set. You would probably expect something more out there for a band the size of Stone Sour. But again that’s being ultra critical. Apart from that, it was another brilliant gig and Corey and co definitely didn’t disappoint his ‘favourite’ crowd.

As you’d expect, the crowd were up for it and obviously ready to mosh. First they got things going with 2 tracks from their latest album. The obscurely named Tapei Person/ Allah Tea was first and closely followed with the brilliant Knievel Has Landed, a personal favourite of mine.

Before the gig I think a lot of people, including myself, were thinking were their softer and slower songs were going to fit into the setlist. The answer was only a few including probably their most popular track Through Glass and Hesitate made the cut. I was slightly disappointed by this but you could probably understand because most were probably there for the heavier stuff.

Throughout the night Corey was on top form and kept the crowd going for the duration by shooting a confetti gun here and there. Something I wasn’t quite expecting at a rock gig. Although Corey did insist he wanted a light hearted atmosphere and said at one point that bands “take this shit way too seriously”. That being said, he was celebrating his 44th birthday on the night and of course it wouldn’t be his birthday without a visit to Glasgow. He was here on the same date a few years back with Slipknot and comically said he’d spent more time celebrating here than home so “might as well buy an apartment” and of course the crowd were delighted. About halfway through the show, the band’s drummer Roy Mayorga brought out a cake for the frontman. The crowd began to sing happy birthday, and then ‘we want birthday cake” chants echoed the arena. Of course, Corey obliged and chucked plenty of cake to go around.

Things ramped up towards the end with heavier tracks like Cold Reader and Get Inside making an appearance. Before the encore, they finished with a tribute to who he called the start of rock with a brilliant cover of Black Sabbath’s Children of the Grave.

With 3 or 4 of their major tracks to go, the encore was always gonna be good. The night ended with Absolute Zero and easily their best record to date, Fabuless from their latest album. On a personal note, they managed to somehow miss out my favourite song Inhale

Overall it was a super gig with a plenty of highlights and a good setlist. The Glasgow crowd had a fun night with plenty of chants and most importantly plenty of moshing.  What else would you want from a rock gig?

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