Track Review: Famous by Retro Video Club

Words by Liam Menzies (@blnkclyr)
Featured image by Gavin Graigie

While not a new band by any means, Edinburgh rock outfit Retro Video Club have exploded in popularity in 2017: having spent months in the studio, the year started off with a King Tuts slot and progressed into the band getting a high position in the Tenement Trail lineup, playing a stellar show in a packed Broadcast, as well as delivering some warmly received singles.

Not one to slow down, the boys are keeping things moving, regardless of it being this late into the year, with a new tune called Famous which already feels like a solid fit for future performances: a set of isolated vocals get things underway before things really kick into top gear (very similar structure to the past year), following in the footsteps of the RVC formula by being a) incredibly catchy b) taking heavy inspiration from contemporary as well as noughties indie rock and c) being polished to a tee. The song is very clearly about the lust for a lavish lifestyle and while it isn’t a scathing analysis of celebrity culture, this act have always been about the personal, usually romantic, angles to their stuff and Famous isn’t a let down: expect the words about a new, bigger status to become even more true in 2018.


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