Gig Review: The LaFontaines & The Dykeenies @ Barrowlands

By Gregor Farquharson (@grgratlntc)

Having a gig at The Barrowlands is a massive achievement for any band. Tonight, The LaFontaines were ready to unleash their chaotic, charisma filled live show to the sold out Glasgow crowd. The buzz in the buildup to the performance was surreal, with fans everywhere eager to see the fonts once again.

The band tasked with getting the crowd ready? The recently reformed The Dykeenies. The band played a good 50 odd minute set, with highlights being Waiting for Go and Sounds Of The City. The fans were ready and The Dykeenies job was done with success.

Before the fonts unleashed their set to fans, classic rave tunes blasted throughout the 1920s ballroom. The crowd were eager, singing every word to Freed From Desire. When the tunes stopped, the fun began as the fonts were finally ready to step on stage.

Opening up with Slow Elvis and going straight into Junior Dragon, the atmosphere was something else. The bands unique sound works beautifully live and the feeling in the crowd was magical. New songs Common Problem and Hang Fire went down great with the crowd, proving the band are not just a one album band and that their second full length is doing wonders.

Frontman Kerr Okan’s way of working the crowd is incredible, telling them to get low before the bands famous Major Lazer cover was played. Other huge highlights of the gig included Release the Hounds, What do I Know and Class. The band blasted through both their old and new songs, and showed no signs of taking a breather.

Opening the encore was Game of Thrones very own “The Hound”, something that took many fans by surprise. During the bands song King, The Hound joined fans in the pits, moshing with a huge grin.

Closing the gig was cult fonts classics Shark In The Water and Under The Storm. Kerr Okan climbing the bands stage set during the final part of shark in the water was the highlight of the gig, and just summed up the whole night.

If anything, this gig proved that The LaFontaines are going to get even bigger than what they already are. If they keep up the work rate and live shows they have going, it’s a bright future for the band that are already seen as Scottish heavyweights.

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