Track Review: To Be A Man by Sway

By Liam Menzies (@blnkclyr)

Making quite the impression this past September at Tenement Trail, showing themselves as one of the best acts of the event, SWAY are back to keep the momentum going with a  new track that seems set to keep them bang centre on everyone’s radar.

Titled To Be A Man, the Paisley rock outfit put their fingers into multiple pies throughout the three-minute odd single: there’s the crumbly, dreamy indie one that takes inspiration from the likes of The Smiths as well as, how the band has put it, the “crunchy influence of Power-Pop“. Instrumentally, it’s the same great pop meets indie rock meets light shoegaze that the foursome has built their name on.

It may have a wonderful exterior but To Be A Man takes on a darker tone when the glossy pop melodies are stripped back: revealing a manipulative and toxic relationship, this kinda narrative seems to go against the norm in the genre of traits or romance that just aren’t healthy being glorified. This symbiosis between dark lyrics and a beautiful sheen of poppy indie rock sensibilities feels fresh despite it borrowing heavily from influencers from a few decades back.

It’s often easy for people in this field to put aware lyrics to the side when a huge chunk would be satisfied with a tune they could just mosh to. With a forward-thinking approach to songwriting like this, 2018 is gonna be an exciting year for music and we can be sure SWAY will be charging near the front.

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