Track Review: When The Cost Has No Value by Moderate Rebels

By Liam Menzies (@blnkclyr)

It’s often seen as a bit of a dangerous move to not be hyperbolic in some sense – try and cast your mind back to a time when a band has tried to sell you on a song by calling it “pretty adequate”? Just what we thought. 

So with a name like Moderate Rebels you may expect something a bit tame, maybe something along the lines of a half-hearted quip about poverty being bad but you’d be dead wrong: on their new track When The Cost Has No Value, this post-psych outfit have gathered their tools to assemble a hypnotic and politically fuelled single which is sure to cement their niche.

Backed up solely by a loping drum-machine-and-strum-driven melody, there’s a stripped back charm to the song which is further amplified by the muddy gang chiming throughout – despite being from London, there’s an almost Courtney Barnett tang to the vocals throughout.

This ties into the feeling of this song being like a conscious stream of some pub analysis of society at large, Moderate Rebels jump from talking about the social gap to the hypocrisy of the UK’s foreign policy at a smooth pace and make it look pretty effortless.

There’s no lack of music that is focussed on talking about politics at the moment but contrasted by the dullish indie rock or outlandish synth pop which RAT BOY and Enter Shikari have done respectively, Moderate Rebels manage to stand out and provide some interesting insight in an oddly alluring way.

Moderate Rebel’s debut LP ‘The Sound of Security’ is out on 8 December on Everyday Life Recordings

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