Best Tracks Of The Week (Nov 6th-12th)

Contributions from Gregor Farquharson (@grgratlntc), Liam Menzies (@blnkclyr) & Kieran Cannon (@kiercannon)

Tennis – I Miss That Feeling

They’ve got a funky sound, a bitching look, a foxy singer and a guy who plays the guitar,” says the presenter for Tennis‘ latest music video, largely summing up the appeal of the indie pop-outfit. Their freshest cut off their new EP, I Miss That Feeling comes off as a love song despite the artist’s intention of describing the feelings of panic and anxiety: baring that as well as the warmth radiating from the instrumentals in mind, it’s hard not to find yourself charmed by this multi-faceted, personal track.

Vistas – Retrospect

The Edinburgh chorus masters have done it again with this one. Following on from huge single Hold Me, Retrospect is a huge indie rock/pop tune with beautiful elements throughout. Vistas continue to innovate the genre and are sure to get huge in the next year.

BC Unidos ft. Carly Rae Jepsen – Trouble In The Streets

A shoegaze instrumental backing up one of the decade’s most entertaining and charming pop stars? A match made in heaven! BC Unidos are a duo full to the brim with talent so their recent EP is the perfect stadium to show this off, this collaboration with Carly Rae Jepsen acting as a victory lap – her voice perfectly matches the indie pop, shoegaze mesh going on, allowing BC to push her out her synthy comfort zone.

Yours Are The Only Ears – Saturn

Delicate and deeply personal, the latest serving from Brooklyn singer-songwriter Yours Are The Only Ears (real name Susannah Cutler) is equal parts stunning and heartbreaking. Singing alongside a fragile pair of guitars and keys, Saturn touches on the loss of identity and self-love, Susannah’s voice carrying each and every word with grace and emotion which makes it hard not to find yourself leaving with a great admiration but a hundred questions for yourself.

Sigrid – Strangers

Since the release of her explosively popular debut single Don’t Kill My Vibe, Scandi-pop prodigy Sigrid has established herself as a rising star. Her latest release, Strangers, is ostensibly a straight-up banger; however, appearances can be deceiving and she has channeled sadness into this otherwise uptempo Martin Sjølie-produced number. When interviewed, she explained that her favourite pop tracks “[make] you wanna cry and dance at the same time”, a statement which is borne out by her Lorde-esque lyrics concerning relationships and blissful ignorance – trying to force a situation into something it isn’t, all for the sake of short-term happiness.

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