Gig Review: The Xcerts @ St Lukes

By Gregor Farquharson (@grgratlntc)

Aberdeen/Brighton band The Xcerts are no stranger to playing live in Glasgow and with a new album on the way in January and new tunes to show off, last night was the bands chance to unleash themselves once again.

Opening with new song Daydream, an already apparent fan favourite, the bar for the night was already set. The fast catchy riff and huge chorus was enough to have all fans in the room smiling. Along with the fabulous opening band Big Spring getting the crowd ready for the headliners, the evening was set to be magical.

Powering through tunes from their last album, There is Only You, the ferocity and feel good aspect of the night was amazing. Fans everywhere were singing word for word. Huge sing-a-long moments made singer Murray MaCleod smile ear from ear. The bands best song Live Like This was a joy to hear live. The riff, drums and vocals all tied up into a massive moment and made all of St Lukes light up.

As well as having a sublime back catalogue, the three piece showcased new songs showing us a wee glimpse of the new album. The songs were huge, with brand new song First Kiss Feeling being one of the best.

Classic The Xcerts song Slackerpop was met with a huge response when played, with the huge sing-a-long moment going down all too well. The crowd singing “I’ll be your man, I’ll be your mannequin” is always something that makes you that wee bit proud to have such a unique and brilliant UK music scene.

Announcing their last song to be the beautiful and energetic There Is Only You, the buildup to the fast and heavy guitar summed up the beautiful night in one.

However, all good gigs have an encore and this was no exception. Aberdeen 1987 is another one of those huge sing-a-long songs. Fans all accross the room were met with raw emotion as they belted out the lyrics to the song.

Closing the superb set with Feels Like Falling In Love, the night was sadly over. If this gig in St Lukes was anything to go by at all, The Xcerts are set for something huge indeed. No doubt we will be seeing them headline the venue next door, the Barrowlands, very soon.

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