Track Review: Canto Falls – Clarity

While indie rock is the safe space for new bands at the moment, certain acts have to be commended for trying to alter it in some fashion: Wolf Alice managed to do this with their recent album channeling various genres and Canto Falls could very well be following in their steps with new single Clarity.

Granted, there’s no peculiar lyrics or strange instrumentals rearing their heads throughout the track but the rock outfit manage to perfectly balance the influence of their indie contemporaries with an equal measure of poppiness. The word pop is often met with disdain by bands in this field but Canto Falls relish in, providing a chorus that feels dense yet simple, preceded by some lovely guitar arrangements backed up by some transparent vocals about an addictive romance. Clarity is a pretty conventional debut single in some parts but when Canto Falls push themselves out their comfort zone, they provide the best indie-pop rock tracks since Two Door Cinema Club’s Tourist History days.

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