Track Review: The Covasettes – This Feeling

By Liam Menzies (@blnkclyr)

It feels nearly impossible to avoid drawing comparisons between The Covasettes and The Courteeners. Blame it on the artwork for the former’s debut single looking like the ideal album cover for the latter or both acts hailing from Manchester but there’s a definite similarity radiating from This Feeling, whether you like it or not.

There’s that noughties indie rock sheen that is embedded into the track’s DNA, something that many a band have tried to replicate and it certainly isn’t a rushed job: commenting on the single, the band have stated that they’ve spent the past year trying to perfect their sound. The work has certainly paid off – well paced, as catchy as a cold and polished like a freshly buffed marble surface, This Feeling may be the best produced track an up and coming band have hit out with all year.

Unfortunately this similarity to other indie rock acts acts as a detriment: what you’re listening to isn’t bad by any means, it just feels very unoriginal due to it trying to replicate a style that has been done to death. Fortunately for the band, a debut single that relies heavily on its influences isn’t anything new and with some further tweaks here and there, The Covasettes could find their niche in a bloated market.


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