Milestones Interview: “It’s been a pretty surreal experience for us”

By Gregor Farquharson (@grgratlntc)

UK pop punkers Milestones have been on fire since the release of their debut EP, Equal Measures. Having gigged up and down the country, the band have not slowed down since the release, even touring across the USA. Recently, I got the chance to interview member Andrew Procter (vocals, guitar) about gig opportunities they have had and the state of the UK scene.


gregoratlantic: Has there been a particularly good gig you guys have played in Glasgow? Or Scotland in general? And why are they so memorable?

Drew: One of the best shows we’ve played in Scotland was in Glasgow earlier this year opening for With Confidence at King Tut’s. We’ve played in Scotland nearly every tour we’ve been on since the start of the band but that show was the most memorable for me just because of how packed the room was and how loud the crowd were for us.

gregoratlantic: Obviously, the UK Scene is at an all-time high right now guys! Is there any bands you guys are absolutely digging right now?

Drew: That’s a difficult one just with how many great albums have been/are being released recently. I’d have to say Roam, Boston Manor, Holding Absence and Neck Deep to name a few.



gregoratlantic: How does it feel to be able to tour the UK, and call this whole rock band thing your job?

Drew: It’s been a pretty surreal experience for us, especially earlier this year when everyone in the band left their jobs to fully commit to the band. We recorded our album in January then started what was 4 months straight of touring and we were on the road until about mid-June. Going from doing short runs around the UK to seeing Europe, America and then back to the UK was definitely one of coolest things we’ve done individually and as a band.


The band are recording their debut album right now, assuring us it will be out early 2018. Thanks to the band for the interview, and we can only wish them good luck for all their future work.






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