Track Review: The Dunts – Coalition Of Chaos

By Liam Menzies (@blnkclyr)

Everything right now is in such a tumultuous situation that it can be hard to figure out what to focus on: at the moment any political commentary seems to be focused on Mr Moneybag’s sitcom as it struggles to prevent a nuclear finale in its first season. Only a handful of acts are putting the UK under the microscope, most notably Enter Shikari, and Glasgow rock outfit The Dunts are ready to chuck their hat into the ring with the aptly titled single Coalition Of Chaos.

For our international readers, or those who have just emerged from their nuclear bunkers, the political climate over here is just as dreary: as opposed to a talking tangerine, Britain is currently lead by a woman who hates the poor but loves a good slogan and a team of Irish bigots that believe that God is real but climate change isn’t. Even without being aware of this context, the vocal delivery brings a bucket ton of disdain alongside it.

The catchy as hell chorus summarises its apathy with a reference to the title followed by a “surely can’t be serious” quip, backed up by a fittingly haywire set of instrumentals. Speaking of these instrumentals, the guitars are particularly meaty, acting a strong foundation for the band’s commentary though never being afraid to be clamorous and fierce.

Whether the structure of this track meant to or not, everything ends pretty prematurely though it can be assumed that the boys meant this in some snide meta way of saying how the CON-DUP partnership is doomed. Call it giving the track too much credit but if The Dunts continue to deliver these hot takes in a catchy, hard hitting fashion then they’re bound to lead the music political discourse north of the border.


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