Album Review: Superfood – Bambino

By Liam Menzies (@blnkclyr)rating 7

It can be borderline anxiety inducing to see how much your music scene has changed in such a short span of time. Superfood are one act that can back this up: having blown up during what has been penned as the ‘B-Town’ era, herald in by Peace and Swim Deep, the now-duo have had to adapt to a scene where not only the reign of their contemporaries has came to an end but the state of their line-up has been shook.

Admitting to a host of mistakes (a rushed debut, the subsequent fallout discussed in an interview with DIY), the now duo lead by Dom Ganderton and Ryan Malcolm have found redemption in the form of a sophomore record, titled Bambino. Released by arguably the hottest label in the UK – Dirty Hit Records – they couldn’t have found a more apt place to call home and they certainly don’t take this opportunity for granted; Where’s The Bass Amp is a deliciously varied intro, alluring listeners with a bodacious bass drum before reeling them in with sketchy vocal harmonies that comes off as one of the catchiest hooks of the year despite its home video quality.

I Can’t See follows up this ear-worm quality with a chorus that squirms into your ear canals. At one point before the second verse it turns into the audio equivalent of blue balling, shifting pitch and creeping itself into the rest of the track. Digging in a bit deeper exposes a love soaked core that perfectly matches up with the performances on board, possibly the result of the band not having to rush themselves this time around.

While a huge chunk of this album seems to rely solely on these fine tuned and lush instrumentals, the moments where Superfood take a breather and get in tune with their minimal side certainly results in a lot to love: Lov is appropriately named, distant vocals that seem to have a romantic tinge sounding miles away from the microphone, giving off the feeling that the narrator is in a relationship that’s began to warp.

There are times where this becomes a double edged sword, most abundantly on C Is For Colour which takes this “breather” notion of Lov and kind of goes a bit far with it. Superfood are certainly an act that can do well with a little but it does result in segments with very little substance.

To get down to brass tacks, Bambino is undoubtedly a more mature and thought out affair as opposed to the act’s first venture though even Superfood admit that the change from their debut will cause a divide. Whether you prefer their more care-free style or this new laid out and layered attempt, there’s certainly enjoyment to be had from nearly every morsel of this LP even if certain bits will leave you feeling a tad hungry.


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