So Far, So Good? New Xcerts Tracks Reviewed

By Gregor Farquharson (@gregoratlantic)

We would be lying if we said that the Scottish music scene today isn’t the best it has ever been. The amount of talent oozing out the country is hard to pass by, with bands from all over the land putting their heart and soul into creating quality music: Aberdeen pop-rockers The Xcerts are no strangers to this, rocking since 2003.

Their last album There Is Only You was the well-deserved break the band had always counted on happening, exceeding expectations both critically and commercially. Fans of the band had been waiting since the album for a glimpse at new material, and their wishes came true this year with the release of tracks Feels Like Falling In Love and Daydream.

Feels Like Falling In Love

Opening with a lone riff, before the drums and vocals kick in, the track already screams The Xcerts to us. The magnificent vocals of Macleod are key to giving the track that feel and as it goes into the first chorus, a very 90’s, high school love story vibe starts to radiate: it feels like it could fit perfectly into any cheesy film, yet still has the key guitar and drum sounds we would associate with the band.

The bridge of the song beautifully uses Macleod’s vocals, before going into an exquisite guitar segment and heading straight back into the huge chorus. The track overall is a triumphant return for the band. Sounding similar to previous work, yet also showcasing massive differences, it is a very good sign of what we can expect from the highly sophomore record.


We have previously heard the band use piano, but never in such a happy manner as showcased on Daydream. The vocals are, again, a standout for the track and really set the band apart from other bands in the genre. Just like the track before, the chorus is absolutely huge and still fits that cheesy vibe seen on Feels Like Falling In Love. “It was a day dream baby” is repeated throughout, giving that pop-rock sound the band have always triumphed with.

You can even hear on the first listen how fun this song will be live, crafted solely for that purpose for better or worse. This track is ultimately the better of the two: it is sweaty, yet huge at the same time and the band is undoubtedly ready for whatever may come over the next year.





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