Track Review: King Krule – Dum Surfer

By Liam Menzies (@blnkclyr)

After the release of Czech One last month, the inevitable dropping of LP2 details by King Krule was hotly anticipated by fans and critics, especially after the departure from the artist’s usual sound. The Ooz is set to drop next month on October 13th but to help tide the wait, Archy Marshall has hit out with another cut from his sophomore release.

Accompanied by a music video that looks like it’s surfaced from the early 90’s, Dum Surfer feels like the complete opposite of Czech One: chucking out the tranquil beats heard from the latter, King Krule is far more aggressive on this latest cut, backed up by drowning, layered guitars that feel more akin to his earlier work.

If these two tracks are anything to go by then The Ooz is sure to be an album shaped by a jazz influence that was no doubt revived by 2015’s To Pimp A Butterfly. These smooth sounds juxtapose the brash instrumentals that make up the majority of the song as well as the crude lyrics from Krule, talking of crashes, screaming and trash bands, no doubt an indirect dig at the current state of rock. A stripped back bridge stands out as a personal favourite of the track, feeling broody and ominous simultaneously. 

With the only cuts from this album showing two sides of the same coin, King Krule stands to outdo himself and avoid the sophomore slump altogether.

The Ooz tracklist:

King Krule Confirms Details Of New Album <I>The OOZ</i>

1. “Biscuit Town”
2. “The Locomotive”
3. “Dum Surfer”
4. “Slush Puppy”
5. “Bermondsey Bosom (Left)”
6. “Logos”
7. “Sublunary”
8. “Lonely Blue”
9. “Cadet Limbo”
10. “Emergency Blimp”
11. “Czech One”
12. “(A Slide In) New Drugs”
13. “Visual”
14. “Bermondsey Bosom (Right)”
15. “Half Man Half Shark”
16. “The Cadet Leaps”
17. “The Ooz”
18. “Midnight 01(Deep Sea Diver)”
19. “La Lune”


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