Fangclub Interview: “Glasgow is a home away from home”

By Gregor Farquharson (@Gregoratlantic)

There’s no doubt that live ability plays a key part in how good a band are and Irish garage rockers Fangclub are absolutely no exception to this. The three piece act, consisting of Dara Coleman, Kevin Keane, and Steven King, recently released their debut album and have since embarked on their first ever UK tour.

The album has done wonders for the band, helping them to rack up over 100,000 listeners on their Spotify, and leading the band onto bigger and better shows. I caught up with the band before their first gig of the tour in Glasgow’s Stereo and asked them some questions about the crazy year they’ve had, and their thoughts on what their first ever headline gig in the Scottish musical haven was like.

Opening the show with Inside Joke, the fans knew from the get go they were in for a treat tonight. The track roared through the tiny venue, and the band’s rough, gritty guitar and vocals made the show feel more intimate than it already was. Going straight into a new song off the album Better To Forget, it was clear the band love playing the new songs, and seeing how well the crowd were reacting to them. It’s no lie that most of the crowd at tonight’s gig had heard of the band through local boys Twin Atlantic, as they supported them at the Barras three times at the end of 2016.

Dara: Well, that place it’s my favourite [venue]. Pretty much loaded in on the first day, we were there for three nights and it was just like our circus home. We were just running around the back corridors and getting lost on the stairwells and stuff and just seeing the posters of the people who have played there through the years.

It was nuts, and it’s just such an aesthetically beautiful building. It was insane, and it was pretty cool, cos it’s like a 50’s kinda ballroom vibe and then there was us, Pulled Apart By Horses and Twin just kinda like playing to all the crazy twin fans.

Tearing through the set, it was always obvious the band loved the city, and it was clear the city loved the band. Tracks like Lightning and Bad Words absolutely went off, and it was great to finally hear the band’s new tracks live, as they hadn’t played to us since the tour with Twin

A real highlight of the set was Role Models. Steven gave the song a long introduction talking about how the song is about that time that everyone has where you have to let it all out, and the band certainly did that. Powering through the garage rock track, the band were loving it up on stage.

Kevin: You guys are rowdy as fuck. Well it’s kinda like cos we are from Ireland, it’s kinda the same vibe as we get

D: Yeah we have the same roots.

K: Yeah it’s like a home away from home really. We did king tuts last year in September, and the crowd there were just, well, insane. There are two lads actually coming tonight that I’m friends with since the king tuts gig and i met them after the show and just got chatting away with them. You just meet so many new people in this city, it’s great.

Closing the set with the fan favourite Bullet Head the gig was finished with the same passion and ferocity we had seen throughout. Getting into the crowd with his guitar, the smile on Steven’s face said it all about what tonight meant to him. Sending the Glasgow fans away happy, the band went crazy on the final song. 

Steven: So like now we can build our fans and the crowd. Like before we were playing to other bands fans so now we can start to build the crowds and do our own stuff. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. From the start  we were just like no matter what we wanted to start the tour here in Glasgow, we actually got here last night so yeah, we just wanted to be here really bad.

It’s clear the gig was so much more than a debut headline, it was the beginning of something for the band. A sign that perhaps, they might have made it in this ever growing industry.



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