Gig Review: The Vibe & Inertia @ Buff Club

By Liam Menzies (@blnkclyr)

There’s always some sort of appeal to gigs being held at venues that are totally juxtaposing to their initial purpose: there’s the obvious ones like an abandoned warehouse being converted into one of the most packed venues in Glasgow a la SWG3 as well as all the countless rock shows being held at the Barrowlands where only a few decades ago its sole purpose was for ballroom dancing.

Last night’s intimate show at Buff Club was no different – hidden away on Bath Lane, the small night spot is best known for its various shindigs from midnight till early in the morning, packing tunes from various genres into a very intimate spot. However, instead of the classic hip hop, RnB and disco nights Buff Club tends to host, yesterday’s events welcomed two very different styles of rock that show the variety occurring on the ground level of Scottish music.


Inertia were first up, starting off decently and slowly but surely coming into their own as their performance continued. Their grunge-rock stylings went down a treat: impressive drum work, sharp guitars and angsty vocals culminated in a band that wear their influences on their sleeve but are all the better for it.

It’s no real surprise that bands like Biffy Clyro and Foo Fighters have an impact on them though as opposed to the countless bands that take inspiration from their more pop rocky endeavours, the moodiness and near lo-fi aesthetic of some tracks came off as B cuts off Blackened Sky.

While a variety of bands want to follow in the footsteps of Fatherson and Twin Atlantic with their solid songwriting but very polished production, Inertia comes across as an act ready to lay their cards on the table, even if half of them are covered in sweat and larger.

Disclaimer: The irn-bru bottle is not part of The Vibe

After the grungy prelude came a more rhythmic and nostalgia laced act in the form of headliners The Vibe. Initially the band came on nearly half an hour before they were set to which came off as a bit confusing though as soon as they kicked off, it was clear to see why – while Buff Club may not be the largest venue, its first and foremost a place for dancing and The Vibe fans were more than happy to treat the floor accordingly.

There was a clear Madchester vibe (…) reeking from the Cumbernauld four piece: infectious melodies, pulsating drum beats and a great amount of chemistry between not only The Vibe and the audience but within the band themselves. Jack and Lewis, guitar and bass respectively, had a real Tom and Sergio-esque bromance going on, edging in towards one another while fittingly backing up one another’s vocals. It all amalgamated into a band that from the second they were on stage had their audience in the palm of their hands.

It has to be said that while the set-list itself may not have been awfully varied in sound, it made for a cohesive performance that almost felt like a psychedelic record that you chuck on and experience as a whole, not track for track. The Vibe have no need to worry about getting a good crowd – it’ll all be a long wait now until they eventually hit out with a much needed and sought for EP.





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