Track Review: Roam – Playing Fiction

By Gregor Farquharson (@gregoratlantic)

Eastbourne pop punks Roam have certainly grown majorly since the band’s inception almost five years ago. Having played a pivotal role in the rise and dominance of pop-punk in the UK, the band’s 2016 debut album Backbone is regarded as an essential listen by many in the scene. Being relatively quiet since then, the alt rock outfit have given us our first taste of new music in the form of Playing Fiction.

Despite only being away for a little while, there’s a much different feel to the five piece’s music – gritty and heavy punk is replaced by a far more melodic and upbeat song, showing evolution which is something many acts in the scene are hesitant to do on a sophomore release. From the opening riff to the vocals of front-man Alex Costello, the track is a total ear worm. The light drum work building into the huge chorus works perfectly for the band though they don’t get too complacent, building up to the second chorus very much in the same way as we saw on their debut.

Roam’s ability to fuse both the old and new without verging on stale is something to be commended, keeping things slightly more poppy but fresh. It’s the indication of a band that are finding new life in a saturated sound – it’s a relief that the vital signs are looking as great as they are.





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